Step 1: KNOW

Before working on a project or offering any advice, Mid-Atlantic Coatings wants to know you, your needs, and everything we can about your project. We will compressively look at:

• the nature of your project (size, scope, goals, uses, etc.)

• the team that will be working on the project – architects, engineers, contractors, and everyone in between

• your budget and what you expect to receive from your investment

• your project plan and proposed timeline


After we get a clear picture of what you’re trying to do, we will help you get there. We know our products like the backs of our hands, and we will make the best recommendation to you.

Once the product selection is approved, we will help you write the specification for the job. This is a very technical process and needs to be exact. We’re here to help every step of the way.

Writing the spec is a big job. We will coordinate with our manufacturers and every member of your team to make sure everyone is on the same page. This ensures quality installations and staying on budget.

(Note: Sometimes, sub-contractors may try to use an inferior product to save cost. We will be sure to monitor this to make sure they stay “on spec” and will alert you to any problems.)

Step 3: APPLY

Once the project moves to the construction phase, we will provide your team with project submittals for all of the specified products and systems. Next, we’ll coordinate the installation meetings to make sure that the products are applied in the right way. Because these are high tech products, the application methods are critical.

You will see us on your job site during application to observe and ensure the quality of your contractor’s work. We’re not there to look over anyone’s shoulders. We’re there to answer questions and serve as an expert guide when we’re needed.

Protect your ________. We’re on it.

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